Rex Material Group USA

Ceramic, Fused silica shapes like filter bowls, launder, tundish for metal casting, insulation, blankets/boards, tap-out cones, repair paste and cast and machined parts vacuum formed for various applications to process molten metal.

Carbon International – James Durrans & Sons UK

Graphite blocks and machined parts for metal processing and other applications. Graphite powder, paste and Coating for metal casting such as Zircon, Magnesite, Graphite, etc.


Extrusion Press tooling, Dummy block, container, liner, shear, heaters, etc… in addition manufacture hydraulic cylinder and rollers for your machine parts in various finishes.


High Temperature material PBO/Kevlar/Nomex such roller cover, belts, spacer sleeves, pads. Plastic sealing balls and clamps for Anodizing operations.


Circulation and transfer pump for aluminum to improve melting. Light weight scrap submerging system, Degassing systems and spare parts to improve life. Graphite rings for billet casting. Zinc and lead transfer pumps.

Tuff Temp Corp. USA

Kevlar & PBO hi-temp pads, roller cover & belts for handling materials up to 650C also for glass tempering furnaces.

Mid-Mountain Corp. USA

HI Temperature Gaskets, Seals and covers for various application in special materials. Custom design seals to meet requirement. Ceramic ropes, paper, etc. High temperature fabric ceramic or silica base silicone coated and uncoated.

Belgin & Baraldi & Brugarolas

Metal processing lubricants such as extrusion press lubrication, dummy block, profile cutting lubricants, machining fluids, pressure die-casting lubricants, EDM fluid, fire resistant hydraulics, synthetic and mineral hydraulic fluids, Gear oil, isolating greases, spray graphite, special products.

Greases for special application high temperature and water-resistant industrial use and food grade FDA approved various types.  Graphite, lithium, Urea, silicon and other base material for demanding applications. Silicon oil for food and medical grade. Thermal chain conveyor lubrication for various applications.

Corona Brasil

Crucibles Silicon carbide and clay graphite for elec. Gas and diesel furnaces.


USED equipment’s for extrusion plants. Please inquire for more information.

Ceramic foam filters for aluminium metal casting

Master and Ferro Alloys, additives like AltiB, AlSi, AlSiMg, AlMg, pure metal ingots for ferrous and non-ferrous application.

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